Agrícola Dainal was born as an inheritance of the efforts and vision of its founders, Mr. Félix Susaeta and Mr. Ricardo Corssen, which in 1980 acquired the “Hacienda Manflas”, an oasis inserted in the North of Chile, the most arid area on the planet, with the vision of turning it into a table grapes plantation, for export to the world.

Today, Agrícola Dainal is a family company whose main activity is the production and export of table grapes and raisins.

One hundred and fifty people work as permanent employees, in an atmosphere of cooperation, security and respect. Like thus also 350 seasonal workers, who support the work of production during the peak of harvest, in a proportion of 70% men and 30% women.


Agrícola Dainal´s quality policy is focused to position itself in international markets as a producer of excellence, differentiating us from competition through continuous improvement of our processes, being the Foundation of our success, the commitment to the development of human capital and long-term relationships with customers and suppliers. Training and worker safety, harmony with the environment and social responsibility, are fundamental, without losing sight of the main objective such as the generation of value for partners, total customer satisfaction and the ability to adapt to their needs.


Our excellent relationship with Workers Union, the maintenance of a school up to 8th grade and a permanent family kindergarten at the Hacienda, is what sets us apart and permits the integral development of families living with us.


We understand that the quality of our products is essential to maintain long-term relationships with our customers and last over time in the global markets. In order to ensure the quality we have several certifications of processes that guarantee our performance and ensure the fulfilment of our commitments. These include the ISO 9001 certification we have since 2003.


We can always can work more secure… This is why every year we seek to improve our processes and training our staff in safety habits. Within this objective, we have implemented the Plan of collaboration in prevention of work risks of the “Asociación Chilena de Seguridad (ACHS)”, which is based on a preventive model oriented to all affiliated companys at a national level, where the highest executive level of the companies compromise his leadership. The level of management controls and designated personnel are available to promote high level of aware involvement of staff at operational level, with the purpose of reducing its current safety indicators. For its part, the ACHS undertakes with the contribution of a qualified and timely advisor for the joint realization of the the work Plan.
We also have a traceability system to act with diligence in case of emergencies, certified under the GLOBALGAP standard.
Finally, due to the remoteness and isolation of our farm, we have been able to minimize the use of pesticides, reducing it to located specific uses when required.